OMG, so glad I found daPulse!!!!

Epicenter Technologies is pleased to announce that we have joined the daPulse Partnership Program! I have been using this product on a wide range of projects and it has become a tool that I use every day, both for personal projects and my profession work. The software works on desktop and mobile devices which makes it even more convenient for day to day project management. The sample shown below is an account that is dedicated to my personal projects and various consulting projects that are under way. In many cases, I am working remotely with multiple developers that are all on different time schedules. daPulse is especially convenient when you are working with team members around the world.

I don’t usually promote products like this but I think once you try it you’ll wonder how you lived without it. I no longer have to track down team members to get their status. The information comes in a natural flow once your team embraces the product and begins to explore the features. You can also organize teams into functional groups and communicate to them via daPulse. An important feature is that you can limit access to a specific teams or boards. The public boards are a great way to keep everyone informed. I could talk about daPulse all day, but this is a tool that you just need to try... Explore the demo... See what you think...

Dan Johnson
Embedded Systems, Software Development, and ASIC Design Services
Epicenter Technologes


Some videos to get you started:

Some case studies:

And some customer videos:

I’ve set up a daPulse Blog and will post some neat tips and tricks from time to time. You can access the site though the side panel of this page or simply click HERE! If you’ve seen enough and would like to demo/purchase a license just Get It Now .